A new music performance work by Winter Witches. 2018

The farming of animals for food is accepted as among the largest contributors to climate change; conversely, choosing to not consume animals is one of the more significant choices an individual can make to reduce their carbon footprint. And yet many of us continue to consume animals, contributing to enormous cruelty alongside global warming, in the face of evidence.

In the absence of known eulogies and memorials for individual animals slaughtered in environmentally impacting commercial industries in Australia and globally, Sentients faces the evidence by commemorating the lives of the top ten animal species killed worldwide for food.

The work is a song-cycle and live performance event.  Sentients  honours the animals who have suffered for our desires, in a beautiful, evocative and challenging commemorative concert. It is a cry for animals, for nature, for change. It is a break in the silence of a world in crisis.